Sea Going Vessels

SCR technology and urea solution (AUS40) for marine engines

Yara has a NOx reduction offer dedicated to the maritime sector, which is marketed under the NOxCare brand. Our comprehensive NOxCare offer for vessels and inland barges includes the design and installation of an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, the AUS40 urea solution under the NOxCare40 brand, as well as services and maintenance packages.

Reduce your marine engine’s NOx emissions

The maritime sector is becoming more and more exposed to nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions legislation, which is progressively being implemented by the IMO or at a national level.  Thanks to our expertise in NOx emissions using AdBlue in vehicles, and in industrial plants, Yara also offers solutions for NOx reduction in the maritime sector.  For vessels at sea, these solutions are commercialised together with Wilhelmsen Maritime Services.

Yara's NOxCare brings you a complete solution for NOx reduction:

  • SCR technology
  • Urea solution (AUS40 reagent for NOx control)
  • Maintenance services

Yara - the expert choice for SCR Technology and Maritime Reagent Supply

Our Solutions build upon decades of expertise in NOx control reagent production and supply, as well as technical know-how on SCR technology. Our global supply platform means you have reagent where you need, when you need it.

AUS40 and SCR technology in Marine engines