NOx Control Optimization

Yara has developed a mobile SNCR test equipment with which we can perform upfront tests to verify the technical and environmental feasibility of NOx control at your own site.

This test can be run:

  • Before you install a system: this can help you decide if our SNCR equipment meets the relevant technical and environmental criteria for your NOx control requirements. We particularly recommend this trial phase in the case of uncommon processes or when the abatement requirements are very specific.
  • On an existing system so we can help you perform regular dosing optimization and system diagnostics. We can then recommend the adjustment of your SNCR system based on your needs in NOx reduction.

This testing can be carried out over a few days by our team with our dedicated test plant on your site throughout the world. Yara's expertise in this area is extensive and allows us to guarantee emission levels of NOx, NH3 slip reduction and reagent consumption for each specific project.

Learn more about how Yara NOx control SNCR systems can help you.