Citrus Leaf Spotting/Blotching

As with leaf yellowing, any blotching or other irregularity in citrus leaf colour needs to be checked. Pay particular attention to where the blotching occurs; note the symptoms and if in any doubt have tissues analysed.

Crop Nutrition and Citrus Leaf Spotting / Blotching


The first symptoms of potassium deficiency can be yellow/bronze blotches across the leaf margin. These can enlarge and the whole leaf becomes the same yellowish colour.


Manganese deficiency is usually seen on young leaves as mottled yellowing of the leaf. The veins stay green while the interveinal areas are light green to yellow. In extreme cases white spots can also be found between veins. Take care as this can be confused with zinc deficiency.


Molybdenum deficiencies occur as interveinal, yellow spots and are mainly seen in the summer. They are the most severe on acid soils and can be cured by using foliar spray fertilizers.


First stage zinc deficiencies occur as chlorotic leaf spots - known as 'mottle leaf' and/or white interveinal areas with green veins. Take care as this can be confused with manganese deficiency.

See also Citrus Leaf Yellowing.

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