The Porsgrunn site is located at Herøya outside Porsgrunn, about 140 km southwest of Oslo. The site covers an area of approximately 1.5 square kilometers, and is the largest industrial site in Norway.

Image Porsgrunn Plant

Yara Porsgrunn

Yara Norge AS - Yara Porsgrunn
Herøya Industripark
P.O. Box 1123
N-3905 Porsgrunn
Tel: +47 2415 7000
Fax: +47 2415 8140

Yara Porsgrunn

The wholly owned facilities are fully integrated for nitrogen-based products, and have Yara's and Europe's largest installed production capacity for NPK complex fertilizers based on the nitrophosphate route. The site has one ammonia plant, three nitric acid plants, two NPK plants and one calcium nitrate (CN) plant. The facilities produce a wide range of NPK and CN product grades, developed to meet the needs of crop fertilization under various climates and soil conditions. Approximately half of the volumes produced are sold overseas, mainly in Asia. The balance is sold in various countries in Europe.

The ammonia, nitric acid and fertilizer facilities also produce a range of gases and chemicals for industrial applications.

The site has large storage facilities and efficient loading facilities for bulk deliveries. Three bagging units allow bagging of big-bags (NPK and CN) and pallets (CN). The bagged products are loaded onto vessels, containers and trucks.

Significant volumes of dry bulk raw materials are required to enable the wide range of product grades in Porsgrunn, making Porsgrunn one of the largest ports in Norway.

High environmental and safety standards are vital for safe and stable operation of the plants. In 1993, the quality management system was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9002. In 2002, the plant achieved certificates for an integrated quality and environmental management system, according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

Critical emission parameters are defined and monitored. Special attention is given to episodes of accidental discharges. Furthermore, all emissions are within BAT levels, defined by the European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association EFMA.

The site established the largest energy efficiency program in Norway in 2007 through a national agreement.