How We Engage

Engaging expertise in the local and regional markets as well as the global arena.

As a world-leading company with a global presence Yara has a strong platform from which to engage in global issues, pursue efficient solutions and seek positive development in our focal areas: food, resources and the environment.

We engage in local markets and communities where we can make a difference, all the time contributing to green growth through sustainable agriculture and environmental solutions. Yara companies and managers also support community initiatives according to local needs, strategies and priorities.

Yara’s contribution is centered on how our core business and key knowledge relate to global challenges. We link policy engagement, industry standards and business development, and we launch or enter dialogues, initiatives and partnerships.

Africa Engagement

Africa Engagement

Yara has a long history of involvement in Africa. We engage in local markets and continent-wide through our support for the African Green Revolution, taking part in policy dialogues and initiating partnerships to develop African agriculture.

Green growth

Green Growth

Yara is guided by its mission to improve yields, its vision to set industry standards and its strategic approach of creating impact through business performance combined with targeted engagement – committing to sustainable agriculture and green growth.

Stakeholder Dialogue

Stakeholder Dialogue

Yara has a wide range of stakeholders, and engages in dialogue and cooperation, locally and globally. The engagement relates to challenges relevant to our business, often linked to global issues. We engage directly with our stakeholders or indirectly through industry associations.