Yara New Zealand

Yara can look back on 30 years of business in New Zealand supporting the agricultural and horticultural industry.

30 years in New Zealand

Yara can look back on 30 years of business in New Zealand supporting farmers, horticulturalists, viticulturists and greenhouse growers throughout the country. From the start in 1985 until today, the company’s main focus has been on being a leading crop nutrition provider specialising in dry applied, water soluble and foliar fertilizers. With different company names and structures, evolving from Phosyn foliar micro-nutrient products, Norsk Hydro and Hydro Agri to Yara New Zealand, the company has provided customers in New Zealand with superior products, services and expert advice for 30 years.

Our history...

In 1905 the world’s first production of nitrogen fertilizer based on the Birkeland Eyde invention using hydroelectric power to extract nitrogen from the air was started by Norsk Hydro.

Since these early beginnings Yara has been a global pioneer in the plant nutrition industry. The Company’s main aim is to be a leading crop nutrition provider specializing in lower carbon footprint nitrogen fertilizers. With our focus on nutrient use efficiency for a wide range of crops worldwide, we have developed products with the lowest environmental impact and site specific precision tools to help the end user maximize the return from their investment and use.

Our history shows how the company has developed, grown and been supported by a growing market. It also shows the early globalization of the company and the development and consolidation of the fertilizer industry.

Yara today and in the future...

Built on the heritage from Norsk Hydro and the well known Viking Ship brand, Yara is a Norwegian based company converting energy, natural minerals and nitrogen into crop nutrition products and industrial solutions. In 2014, Yara retains its global position as a leading provider of nitrogen based mineral fertilizers and industrial products. The company is the global leader in ammonia, nitrates and speciality fertilizers.

With continuous operations in more than 50 countries and sales in 150 countries, Yara enjoys a unique position in the world’s fertilizer and industrial market. Yara’s activities today range from phosphate mining and ammonia/urea production, to commodity trade and highly specialized agriculture and industrial products. The production and sales are based on deep global insight and local market knowledge.

Where our products come from

Yara New Zealand offers a wide range of products that come from a variety of manufacturing facilities. Take a look at some of Yara's production sites.

Pocklington, UK

The Yara Pocklington site is the global centre for the development and production of the YaraVita range of foliar and micronutrient fertilizers. The business started in Pocklington in 1967 and now sells YaraVita products via local Yara units or specialist distributors in over 60 countries. Activities on the site include production, global product management, product development, agronomic advice and soil / plant analysis.

Porsgrunn, Norway

Porsgrunn is the largest industrial site in Norway. The wholly owned facilities are fully integrated for nitrogen-based products, and have Yara's and Europe's largest installed production capacity for NPK complex fertilizers based on the nitrophosphate route.

Uusikaupunki, Finland

The Uusikaupunki site consists of three nitric acid plants as well as two fertilizer plants producing nitric acid and fertilizers for the Finnish market and for export. The plant has its own deep-water harbor.

Sluiskil, Netherlands

The site has been located since 1929 on the Ghent-Terneuzen canal, a major waterway opening through the Western Scheldt into the North Sea and connecting to European waterways. As with many European fertilizer complexes, development of the site was linked to the availability of coke oven gas from a neighboring coke factory.